Website Sales and Marketing Experience for Over 20 Years!

Let me explain why we started Website Sales and Internet Marketing.

Our over 20 Years Experience

In 1987 I purchased a small electronic service business. Right around that time some larger businesses like mine were starting to develop and or purchase software for their businesses. The old paper invoices kept in a filing cabinet was being replaced with computer customer databases. I remember just how bad I wanted a computer with a cool customer database for my business. The problem was the cost for the software. Even owning a computer was not cheap. I was determined to build my own business database software. So I got some books and taught myself database programming. Then in 6 months I had designed a system that kept track of my customers, created invoices and made reports. Today QuickBooks software can be set up in hours and do all my software did plus so much more for under $500. Now I did sale and install copies of my software for many small businesses at a reasonable price. Over a four year period I recovered my cost (time I spent designing the software) and I made some money. The best part was I enjoyed helping other small business owners and I still do! That is why I started Website Sales and Marketing. That is exactly why you should use our company to build your business website. You can trust us because we are still a small business owner. We know that you need to keep cost down and profits up. Look there are so many ad’s on TV and the Internet telling you to build your own website and some say for FREE! Trust me those website offers are not FREE! Once the Free trials are over and get hit with the cost usually you are stuck staying with them. Check out the information we have about those so called Free Websites on our “Why A Website” page. There are so many underlying cost that are required to own and operate a website plus the up keep of your business website. We take care of everything so you can run your business and make money. Now if all you want is a single page website we have it and our single page website is better than any template website free or not free. Now if you are thinking you don’t need a business website please read our “Why A Website” page. We have broke down for you an explanation as to why you have to have a business website. “Why A Website”

Website Sales and marketing is not a company ran by a internet guru that has never owned and operated a real business. We have owned and operated a real business on a real street in a real city! So if you own a local business we can help you! Check out what we offer here and if you don’t see or read anything about what you need help with email us! If we can’t help you we will find someone that can.

Thank You for reading about us and what we do and you Have A Blessed Day