Google Places now Google Plus

Google Places is now Google Plus local page


Lets go over what happened to Google places and how the switch to Google local pages will effect online marketing.

Online marketing company's just like ourselves where able to offer to set up the Google place page for local businesses for a reasonable fee. Claiming ones business Google place page was always free if that business owner had the time and truly understood the set up. Now if the business owner wanted to spend hours reading all the how to's connected to the Google place set up they can do it their selves. Most businesses owners know that they lose more valuable time (money) attempting the set up on their own PLUS getting the set up correct can make a HUGE difference in getting the best Google search engine results! 

Google made the decision to change all Google places to the new Google Plus local page. This is an effort on their part to maintain their superiority online as the largest search engine used in the world. We can not present all the changes and how they affect local business owners here but we can tell you that set up of Google Plus local page is still completed in the same method as set up for the Google places.

Ok now we have gone over why selling the set up was simple if you are an experience online marketing consultant. If you are not then most likely you should stop here.

Our company has a commitment to our current and future clients to stay up to date with all the on going changes online. Not just the Google places changes to Google Plus local page but all changes made at Bing and Yahoo now owned by Bing.

We have developed an online marketing update that explains how this Google Places to Google Plus local page effects current and potential online clients (local business owners).  

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